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Death Machine Andronicus

Steampunk Shakespeare


   I am a college student at Mass. College of Liberal Arts in North Adams MA, and am huge supporter of the steampunk aesthetic. I only recently found out it actually had a name and an entire subculture at that. I'm a theater major and have the priviledge of directing a show in november. We're putting on "Deathmachine Andronicus" a spin on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, set in a mythical roman setting in which the Roman Empire never collapsed but instead flourished to have it's own industrial revolution hundreds of years ahead of our time. We have a fairly large budget so I'm going all out, building a fully funtional steam-powered "Deathmachine" that bakes people into pies. (Yes Shakespeare did it long before Sweeney) Blood, guts, gore, shakespeare, and steam. I was hoping to gain some support from you guys and others in the community. If you could spare any possible steampunk junk lieing around, we'd only need it till november. Or if you or anyone you know of has any inventions or contraptions that we might be able to showcase as props.  The dates of the show are November 7, and 8th. You can contact me by repliying to this post, or post or emailing me at  I'll be hopefully posting some pictures of the proposed set and the progress of the "Deathmachine" on the blog doo-hickey as I mad eit just for this occasion.


                                    Any input is greatly appreciated,



I'll be posting reminders and how you can reserve tickets in september

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