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Interview with Emmett & Klaude Davenport of The Clockwork Cabaret

Clockwork Cabaret steampunk radio show

Emmett & Klaude Davenport of The Clockwork Cabaret
Sky-Pirate Radio

The dear Davenport sisters have been entertaining our airwaves since we started here at Dieselpunks. But now that we finally have a working spotlight made out of old hand mirrors, a little bit of chewing gum, and some Radium 218 we found in the junk room, those girls are nowhere to be found.

How odd. Who doesn't like chewing gum?

Wait a minute! What's that noise? It sounds like a grandfather clock trying to mate with an accordion. It must be the infamous airship of The Clockwork Cabaret!

Hopefully, they'll be able to hear me up there. Maybe I'll lure them in with some pie and we can start this interview.

Read the whole lurid interview filled with mystery and pie at Dieselpunks
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